Break Free Hair Strengthening System

About Us

As a State Board Certified Hair Replacement Specialist with more than 30 years’ experience, I have seen so many clients whose hair was thinning due to damage and breakage rather than the male and female pattern baldness I normally treat.

I began offering these clients the usual Keratin and/or Oil products as well as FDA approved Low Level Light Therapy. I found most of my clients didn't like the Keratin systems because although it left their hair smooth it became heavy and lacking body. Oil products helped with the normal brushing but left their hair looking dirty and lifeless. Neither really did much to repair damage. That is when I decided to develop a more natural hair strengthening system with all the smoothing qualities of Keratin and Oils without coating or masking the damage. Our product development team went to work formulating a product line with just the right amount of botanical extracts and Keratin that would actually repair damaged hair from the follicle, roots and through the entire hair shaft.